What Color or Finishes Are Available?

  • We have many different colors, stains, and custom patinas. Please reach out to us if you are looking for something specific or have any ideas and we will do our best to meet your expectations

Material Type and Thickness

  • Unless specified any different we use high quality 14 gauge (.07) Steel.
  • We can do most artwork in other metals such as brass, copper, Stainless, and aluminum upon request.

Outdoor Use And Rust

  • Bare metal finish offers no protection and you can expect to eventually rust and at a accelerated rate in outdoor conditions. If you are looking for bare metal look but want it protected from rust, you ( or us) can apply a clear coat that will increase the longevity of the look in all environments.


Feel free to contact us at info@rescuedmetalsartwork.com or @ 269-382-6700 if you have any questions or concerns.



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